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Our favorite things to do in Hvar town

Publish by   Tanja Tudor
Published:   2022-03-30  |   Updated:   2022-05-09

Hvar is one of Croatia's most popular islands for a reason. It's breathtakingly gorgeous, with excellent tourist infrastructure, magnificent beaches, a rich history, and lively nightlife.

The most popular town on the island, Hvar is a must-see on your island trip. We bring you 5 things to do while visiting Hvar town:


Dubovica beach is a lengthy stretch of pebbly beach in a somewhat sized cove located just outside of Hvar town. You'll walk through olive orchards on your way there before arriving at this lovely bay with white pebbles and historic stone homes that add to the picture-perfect ambiance.

Aside from the main road, parking is scarce, and getting to the beach from the road is a long walk. It is, nevertheless, definitely worth the effort!

This bay is a favorite on the island and, in our opinion, a must-visit!



The Pakleni Islands are a chain of rocky islets that dot the sea just off the coast of Hvar. An archipelago of sixteen islands, the Pakleni islands are a true wonder of nature. The islands are gorgeous, surrounded by turquoise waters, and full of hidden beaches, calm bays, and a few restaurants and bars here and there – a perfect spot to spend a day swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, or just chilling by the sea. The most popular places include Palmižana, located on St. Clement Island, Jerolim Island with its nude beaches, and Marinkovac with the famed Carpe Diem Beach Club.

The Pakleni Islands are a chain of rocky islets that dot the sea just off the coast of Hvar. This beautiful archipelago is only a short boat ride from Hvar town and while the name, Pakleni Otoci, literally translates to Hell Islands, in our experience, they’re more like Paradise Islands!

Across the Hvar Strait, on this small archipelago, you’ll find picturesque coves, stunning beaches, hip bars, and beautiful nature. The Pakleni Islands are the perfect place to bask in the Mediterranean sun, swim in the clear Adriatic waters and discover new bays and just have a bloody good time!

You can do a guided tour or catch a water taxi to the islands but we wholeheartedly recommend that you rent a boat and explore at your own pace.



Founded in the 16th century as a shepherd settlement the charming town of Brusje is home to the islands' most popular lavender fields. 

A short drive from Hvar town, this ancient village lays somewhat in a state of decay, dotted with rustic stone homes and narrow laneways.

The surrounding fields are where Hvar's lavender production occurs and this is the best place to see the rolling fields of purple that the island is so famed for. The best time to see Hvar under a purple blanket is late June, which also coincides with the islands' Lavender Festival that occurs in the neighboring village Velo Grablje.



St Stephen’s Square is definitely one of the prettiest squares in Europe. Surrounded by Venetian and Renaissance architecture, including the Cathedral of St. Stephen, the cathedral bell tower, the Arsenal, and Hvarska pjaca, this really is the center of public and social life in Hvar. It’s also the largest old square in all of Dalmatia.

Do not miss delving more into the streets! The sound of music and laughing flows from every restaurant and bar in the alleyways.

Each twist and turn will take you deeper into the streets of Hvar Island and amaze you even more. These swanky and fashionable small streets make Hvar unique from any other Croatian island.



Late afternoons, when the whole of the island is awash with golden light, go on a hike to Napoleon fortress. This former Napoleonic fortress is west of the main Spanish fort, and the hike to the top is about 4km.

The sun's arc sweeps from one side of the limitless horizon to the other from the summit, affording magnificent views across Hvar town and the neighboring Pakleni Islands, Vis, and the island of Brac to the north.

From this vantage point, you can witness the old town gently transform from day to night as the day boats carrying visitors return to their mainland moorings and serene calm returns to the historic alleys.

From this elevation, you can watch the old town slowly turn from day to night as the day boats full of tourists begin to drift back to their harbors, and a quiet calm begins to filter through the ancient streets again. It's the perfect place to come with a picnic in hand, and enjoy a pure travel moment.



Hvar is a popular tourist destination with good infrastructure and a variety of accommodations.

The main tourist season stretches from late June to early September, with the last week of July, and two weeks of August being the peak season.